• Pioneer in intelligent
  • speech analysis technology

The educational speech cloud platform is independently researched and developed by Chivox. It combines leading speech
analysis, speech recognition and other core technologies and provides high quality, multi-dimensional analysis kernel to help
customers create man-machine interactive intelligent learning products.

  • Over 100 million users
  • Intelligent speech technology changes the way of language learning
  • 132
  • covering 132
    countries and regions
  • 130
  • 130 million domestic
    and foreign users
  • 600
  • 600 million
    monthly recordings
  • Performance
  • More fair and more efficient
    The scoring performance of chivox machine is better than that of human.
  • In the oral English exam of Guangxi college entrance examination in 2013, whether it is a closed or open type evaluation, the scoring performance of
    the machine is much better than that of the human teacher. This conclusion has been officially recognized by the examination institute of Guangxi
  • Products & services
  • Different scenes,different products and services
  • Chivox
  • make language learning more efficient!
  • Typical customers
  • Partners, win the future together.
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